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tory lanez – drama lyrics



strugglin’, lil n-gg-s is hustlin’
cops with the k-9 dogs they never muzzlin’
b-ttons on apartment floors that we be buzzin’ in
there’s something real, someone in trouble and all the youngin’ em
i’d kill for my youning’ em, feel for the youngin’ em
tryin’ to make a mill, to make a mill for my youngin’ em
something i’m discoverin’, when we start to love again
that’ll be the day we get some peace
but other than that there’ll be n-gg-s in the streets
mad when it’s the winter and n-gg-s can’t afford heat
when the baby want jordan’s but daddy can’t afford sneaks
like what’s more important, a pair of j’s or the feast
he look at his girl, he gotta provide
it’s cold in the house, it’s hot outside
and i don’t mean that in a weather sense
there’s stupid n-gg-s on the premises
brothers tryin’ to be hard headed and so they h-lla dense
4 year murder still n-body found no evidence
gotta live your life cause all that other sh-t irrelevant
caught up in the light will take your breath up out your [?]
i read about this way back, back in genesis
this is for the mothers holding baby’s in they stomachs
going crazy cause their lover is never there, and rubbers were never there
one less thing you never cared, you frontin’
you just cared about a nut or something
well something up in your mind was tellin’ you don’t do it, it’s too soon
now you got a little daughter she’ll be 2 soon
plus a son up in your stomach he’ll be due in june
and that father try to visit in a blue moon
it’s safety still, life ain’t a game it’s real
from the finch to the jane get filled
to the park and the scarbs all the way through steels
lifes hard, sometimes the cut it might scar
if you live past 18 years your lifes long
thank god for livin’, them bad times we livin’ em’
prayin’ that the youth gets baptised i’m serious
n-gg-s stop selling them cap size, get serious
need to stop tryna be that guy cause really it
really ain’t worth your soul, ain’t worth parole or probation
life gets more crazy, gotta keep fighting guarantee your gon’ make it
times it will get so deep you can’t take it
god gotta be the only one you leave your faith with
safe it, sacred, place in the safe or the bas-m-nt
if something worth chasing then chase it
this a serious thing, nothing to play games with
can’t trust friends, some friends will bring hatred
it’s safe to say it n-gg-, it’s so blatant but god gotta be the only one to leave your faith with