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tossers – usa lyrics


i was born in the usa

born on the southside of chicago town
and on warm summer nights we would all gather ’round
away from irish parents eyes

in the dark with lovers and friends
hoping it would never end
smokin’ weed and drinkin’ brew
loyalty was what you knew

we were born in the usa

everyone know each other and they all know you
the cops the fire the brickies too
and the night when the lights go out

from each house you can hear the sound
of fights and p-ssion all around
so have a drink and sit with me
you’re all invited to be free

when my brothers went off to the war
with may kids we knew before
we saw the pictures on the news

of people dying in the street
pools of blood on the concrete
many times i’ve prayed before
to bring those kids home from this war

we were born in the usa

well where you are from n-body cares
unless you are from over there
still you’re welcomed in houses by us all

with mayor daley on the wall
our lady, j.f.k., them all
we will break our bread with you
because we are n-bodies fool

we were born in the usa
we were born in the usa
we were born in the usa