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toy fight – the hidden second lyrics


it’s dark in the morningno place for the meaning
one second took it all
he’s john but he has doubts
what if concrete thoughts
could wrong you up and split
first was a silence
then understatements
where was where time paths broke
it’s dark in the evening
he just started thinking
this second never ends
somewhere in the highlands
someone hides your seconds

he doesn’t have feelings
but he has all the time
you can try and you can tell
that you’ve never been late
you still sure there’s someone
that always steals your time
all the time, all your time
a wasted time is all you got today
morning came and told me death could be
anyday, pleat of the time
but i guess all of it is in the past
a little time delays all my thoughts
a broken clock on the furthermost
a waiting word in between two days
a hiding sun beyond a window