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track record – a hot day in the city lyrics


since the west coast came calling, i’ve been waking up
early yeah, yeah never have i been more climate
god d-mn, i can’t quite decide how i feel when she’s

the thought of sp-ce owns me
i’m still amazed
i said it’s something out, out, out on the parkway

now and then, i’ll recall a dream
if it’s not bedroom politics, then it’s smoke ride
i already know
a capitalist told me
so do you still think our time is money baby?

it’s time we make the move and map ourselves the
one by one, wave goodbye
we leave this dying planet far behind
kids say h-llo
run to the sunlit new day
enjoy discussing over lunch out, out, out on the

i hope i make you proud
i’m the best at fun things
i always win
that is, unless i’m losing
i want to be a star and one of clout
but mostly, the coolest kind of crazy