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trag tha god – killers’ license lyrics


i spent hours writing my legacy in these 5 minutes
gods apprentice dish out bars running to the finish
line see these cats cade i won’t fade i’m andre 3k
cause 3ks will get you stars out casted wait a minute
blowing jets too much game get you tbos ate that’s gatorvision
b-tches love it when you call em b-tches b-tches
just kidding only tryna get your insides kicking like a kid in
been pitching without a mound used the corner for subst-tution
but i made it out pat on the back like tedy bruschi
best mc alive and i don’t use the term loosely
clap clap bravo luck from charlie that’s word to lucy
odds are ya girls a groupie enough clips to make a movie
for the next 20 decades well paid
from this rapping sh-t at i’m tryna be
don’t push me i’m close to the cliff like mrs. cosby
i’m probably in your top 1 there ain’t no compet-tion
stop giving ‘em false hope mouthing off gets your jaw broke
wait no unintimidating loan shark get your jaw broke
injured soccer star you rappers lost hope
f-ck it i does it a dozen verses in hope make a dozen
millions until the day my life does end
in it for the pay word to my cousin all i can be cause in
the end its me myself and i in that grave
the truth don’t always rhyme lesson uno
pull your card so you know trag losing ooh no
could never happen theres no i in me
so eye me bad b-tches eye me guess theres an eye in me
get it you gon be stuck for a minute
mean hours protection in the box cause p-ssy is power
shadow boxing with my conscience so defiant
moon walking on the sun just trying to con science
woo! don’t you love it
the block changed me to animal i always gotta hug it
you a g nah, you not even harder than pam
per every bar i spit i see you about to sh-t
on yourself sad story don’t test me kid like maury
you ain’t mines you just blow cause you not hetero
puffing medical so loud its blowing decibels
bar after bar the right or way i just let it go
f-ck it she buffy she buffing sucking and vamping
think you quick ill hit usian bolt and hold em for ransom
ran some we can’t meet i’m upper echelon
been great no lad in the game is my equal i let it bomb
call 911 now find a reverend
to give blessing squeeze at you put god bless in
excuse me ex cuse of cheating she just love the weeping
so now i’m with a girl on the weekends making love to weeknd
you peep it

[beat switch]

sitting high got me feeling like i came from boston college
i stay with the eagle its tne till they read a eulogy to my people
you see through if you be hard i’ll bring the c thru
gave up cutting for the streets ain’t that what mr. cee threw
away tryna find a way to see the gates of heaven
11 years in i do it for the love like kevin
my apologies you expect my arsonal to be
big plus l nas rakim and juelz
could never fail straight as like atlanta folks
used to sell rocks just to float the boat
kinda like the pilgrims bars you feel em taking shots ill fill em
yall just fish bait amongst the realest the jonas amongst the k!llers
i k!ll it feel that tingle in your spine
sending shivers wrap up earth the world is mines
f-ck with me you know i got it like diseases and prost-tutes
just toking like a rasta too wah gwan mi yute
uh in my best drake impersonation
on the gr-ss see me cloud jumping bear arms like kyle orton
past tense, this game me p-ssed tensed
seeing suckas with recogition make me wanna decimate em
ima problem you can’t equate
no midwife delivery on point ain’t never late
moving work got that punch in it package never late
40 year old virgin won’t see trag ever laid
out of commision 3 bullets end the b-tching like robert griffin
ill be here for a minute ya just gotta listen

[2nd beat switch]

they questioning this like d-mn this the intro
imagine the rest of the tape
i need a mention from yall to get big
save the talking for the birds got no time for featherweights
pockets look like rasputia and precious lesbian intercourse
your bars on gary colemon they coming up short

they questioning me like d-mn this the intro


king me later n-gga….2