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trap lord alex – pig roast lyrics


i haven’t done this in a while so i’m starving you aren’t my main course just a side plate you did this to yourself you decided your fate hearing this is worse than getting raped they call me a villain but i don’t wear a cape no i’m not i a f-ck boi shooting just like troy my gl-sses are round cause i don’t see straight you started talking trash and you opened up the gate i don’t care about all of my hate apparently my track are mean but why would i care about your opinion on me when we all know that you can’t pull no bait the only thing you pullin is you d-ck when you m-st-rb-t- you’re a 1 incher don’t even have to measure just looking at you i can tell you’re trying to compensate for you and you little w-ng no you cannot hang i won’t do that any type of way
i’m a rap fanatic so i know what to do the only thing they’ll be asking is who are you
don’t do dope but i’m still shooting gold
coated bullets is what i’m doing
girls all my d-ck like a marshmallow on a stick
always getting heated when you really should have heeded
i don’t mess around i’ll eat you up like a hound
700 plays on both of my tracks the only thing you should do is lick my sack
been a long while since i’ve dropped something new but after all this time i’ve never lost my cool
started off with nate but now it’s on to you

they call me a savage cause i never refrain when i diss it feels like getting hit by a train
wondering if i’ll come back in the game why would i not when i’m getting so much fame
so fat and round i don’t know how you walk
you talk way too much always running your mouth shut or ill shut you down like ronda rousey
hitting on middle schoolers you could be the next school shooter
talking so much trash let’s see you act try and make a rap and make sure you spit some real facts
asking girls to give you head is really pathetic you might say it was a joke but we all know you meant it
said you’d buy a camaro at the end of last year you couldn’t even afford a mouse’s left ear
i asked about it and you said you changed your mind why don’t you ever stop lying
why can’t you admit that you are annoying with this rap i’m really just toying
going 20 over trying to mess with the law then you gotta ticket and you can’t drive past your front lawn
i won’t name you but you should know how you are this song hasn’t even gone that far
a whole alb-m is on the way dissing everybody who got in my way