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tre demond – kids next door (diamonds & rubies) lyrics


[verse 1]
i hope this song gets me s-x tonight
cause i’ve been dreaming you since yester night
or something like that
don’t be afraid, we can talk about it
tonight you can be the after party
i heard them boys got a party in the city
you should wear that dress that’s showing off your t-ty
tryna get a peek in the basket
i’m only asking
what’s your name? what’s your sign? keep it old fashioned
i’m a fool when i’m rolling off the fifth shot
she a fool when she rolling it to this song
we can be some fools for each other if this all works out
i got a diamond in the back, with that sunroof out
i seen a diamond in her eyes, she be cutting a n-gga
she seen a ruby back in mine when she f-cking a n-gga
we’ll be touching on each other in the club tonight
tell the dj that’s your record when you dropping it right
tell your friends, i’m the reason you ain’t coming tonight
you too busy showing love with a thug, while we rolling in the city

there’s a party on the westside
you should bring your girls and come through
i’ve been waiting all week
to get you under my sheets
and i ain’t leaving, less i’m leaving with you
don’t be afraid we can talk about it
tonight you can be the after party
i heard them kids next door showing out
she a fool with the mouth, tell your neighbor

i seen the love in her eyes (diamonds & rubies)
{repeat 2x}
ain’t no need to act strange, girl you know why you came
{repeat all}

[verse 2]
20+ years still dreaming
is you really rolling? cause i’m serious, i’m thinking
we should get a preview in the backseat of my chevy
windows stay tinted now tell me that you ready
she ain’t never seen a ruby up close
all that red in your eyes, you the devil and i know
all that shine in her eyes got me thinking she a ghost
while i’m thinking bout her thighs on my neck while i stroke
i’m just tripping off of shot #10, this that coconut sh-t
i bet diddy would be proud how i’m promoting this sh-t
tell homie on the prowl that you rolling with trizz
she replied, “tell that b-tch that i’m already his”
she insecure when she drunk and i’m cool with that sh-t
that’s just a reason i’ll be sneaking out your bedroom and sh-t
now let me let the top down so we can get lost
makeup on my collar, don’t leave your lip gloss
live fast, die young, i breathe that rick ross
the neighbors next door can’t sleep, cause we off
to the races
meet me in my sp-ceship
the stars are adjacent to you
can’t get a better view but