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trentaco – junior mints lyrics


i remember being 11
thinking that i’d get into heaven
and i still believed in everything good
til the man tore me to wood

do you remember when?
you sent me that picture at the party?
all your friends were laughing
at your try to shock me
it’s like it was funny
to s+xually harass me
because the g+y kid
he can take it
i remember being 12
hoping the world would go straight to h+ll
poor little kid, so f+cking sad
wishing his unclе wouldn’t have been so bad

do you remembеr when?
you and your friends laughed in my face
disregarding my discomfort
as if you wouldn’t catch a case
it’s like it’s funny
how you’re with your sasha belle
you’re both the same age
yet she looks like she’s 12