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trill nels x 56 trap x rico spazz – i 3 my chopper lyrics


verse 1:trill nels:
i knew a b-tch off the street (of the what?),she suck wild d-ck her name unique (her name is what?) she a freak, she a hoe, my mans set her number on a street pole (on what street?) imma trapper’ so all black my clothes, imma big bankroll i can’t fold like a freak my hearts cold, you better bring a d-mn pole catch you lackin’ p-ssy’s like you, yall get throwed yall get robbed while you working at your job getting paid minimum wage free my aunty she locked in the cage, run up imma spray 12 gadge long barrel, i got ren on his buck shots i leave the club hot. smoking loud, my eyes is blood shots, im talking red f-ck the snakes f-ck the feds

verse 2:56 trap:
n-ggas talking but i swear that talk is cheap (yeah that talk is cheap) caught that n-gga lackin’ walk em cross the street (budda boom) put the scope to his mouth or his t–th, b-tch im down to do a drill call me keef (obla) yeah n-gga call the shots call me cheif, and if i go broke turn in to a thief. n-gga talking lot think sh-t was sweet, if u catch he lackin then he getting beat. (bah bah) call me mayweather put his -ss to sleep, then my mens coming back the heat ( fa fa fa)

verse 3:rico spazz:
sipping lean smoking doobies to the face, n-ggas hate f-ck the opps f-ck the jakes. pull up to your block thirty straps in a glock. shooting at ya top making n-ggas body drop. f-ck your mom, f-ck ya sh-ts, f-ck ya bro. n-ggas hoes my diamonds cold i feel it in my toes. you talking sh-t i’m at your house b-tch i’m kicking doors, you disrespect b-tch ill shoot right up in your nose. b-tch you scared i’ll rob you for your clothes, i’m feening for a bag running to the cash, running thru a check wit the 9 on my lap. 223 ??????