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trout fishing in america – i think i’ll need a bandaid lyrics


there’s a scratch on my finger from the cat
i was only petting him
who’d have thought he’d do that?
and it doesn’t feel good
and there’s a sliver of wood
from the bench in the park where i sat

so i think i’ll need a bandaid (need a bandaid)
or maybe three or four (or five or six or more)
and a bottle of that spray stuff
we just got at the store
some sticky tape, a roll of gauze
and if you’d be so kind
a washcloth and a piece of ice
but not the iodine
no iodine

there’s a bump on my head from the wall
i hit it when i was playing with the beachball
i was climbing in a tree
when i fell and skinned by knee
it hurt, but i didn’t cry at all

there’s a hole in the sleeve of my shirt
on my arm there’s a scr-pe and some dirt
my friends were very sad
but i said it’s not too bad
as a matter of fact
it doesn’t even hurt yet

[chorus twice]