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true temper – flatfoot lyrics


beaten down to a pulp
we have to fight for what’s right
injustice will reign no more

the justice system is f-cked
we must destroy and rebuild
a revolution is upon us

you swore to protect and serve
but you just insight fear
you beat and you murder
the solution is clear

we have to infiltrate and annihilate
the only answer is chaos

with no justice
there can be no peace

pulling guns on innocent men
taking lives without a chance
you punk mother f-cker’s
get f-cked

so yeah bet that sh-t
i am f-cking p-ssed off
and i won’t quiet down
until this sh-t gets solved
f-cking bigots and traitors
to the human race
you’re on the wrong side of history
learn your f-cking place

with no justice
there can be no peace