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trxtytruth – geekland lyrics


tote a glockie at night, so she told me she ain’t leaving, thing between you and me its ice and it ain’t freezing, prolly rob a bank to get klout that easy ,running outta breath sipping lean dawg i’m geeking


geeking, n-gg-s kinda fake, they f-cking tripping, geeked out huh b-tch i’m leaning like i told b-tch i’m geeking

verse 1

im geeked out, iced out motorola, f-ck yuh baddie now you acting like you own her
i don’t like talking too much about hoes who don’t give a f-ck
you prolly gon lose her(haaaaa)outta luck shoot an oppa, no ones safe i’m with my choppa she got -ss like kylie but i don’t really wanna kuff her ,counting racks she wanna f-ck wit a rockstar, i just wanna pop her like a xan with no water

verse 2

hop on my rocket

two percs in my pocket

bitc0lh im the plug dont forget about the socket

changing all these thots tryna rob me for my currents

i dont f-ck 12s, f-ck with 7s and 11s

b-tch in the shit that be shiting because im the shit b-tch chill
b-tch you be catching feels i mean whats the big deal