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twentythree – haunt lyrics


body be stopping
run out of options
f-ck with my head ’till i rest in a coffin
never been cautious, therefore i’m conscious
breathe through the floor, feel my heart steady, stopping
shadows, they watching, stalking like hawks
and i’ve been alone so ain’t n0body mourning
memories haunting, dead by the morning
go ‘head and call me, i don’t need a warning
figures envision my head
demons that live in my head
told me that they want me dead
the reaper as close as a friend
led by my moment again
they torin’ at my brain while i slept
give away promises kept
my skin will decay where i’m left

pry! my! head! i know that you want me dead!
pry! my! head! you will never find out at the end!