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twisthiphop - pride lyrics


[hook + kate]

i’ve been asking you the same question all night and you keep avoiding it
you can’t run from yourself forever
i’m worried about you, and i think you’re worried too… under all that pride, what’s on your mind?
tell me, is it++

[verse + twist]

hey, i am the best, we both know it, if you wanna doubt, you can rest, i gon’ show it
not in arrest, under stress and emotions that i put in prison or back in my shoulders
so much weight in it, if i lift myself i get stronger
i took my life so i’m ready to let it go further, let ’em all see, it’s ironic, it’s like you accessory to murder
bl++dy watch, f+ck the police if they dirty cops
f+ck all your needs for a worthy cause (f+ck ’em)
but you gon’ see what being worthy cost
man, it’s like thor with the goldilocks
i’ll bear to witness the gold unlock
none of my group are runaways
but we gon’ blow, it’s a cherry bomb (tell me why!)

cuz we gon’ be on top of the cake
champagne only when i top all the drakes
you thicker than water, if you got all it takes
sh+t, like celtics, i got problems with lakes
jet off, sk!lls raised
i might just go live in boston, ma, sh+t, maybe la
it’s my brain in debate, like whether or not a cop thinking of copping a vase
it’s bought to contain the ashes in the pot every day if they end up gone and ablazed
i was lost in a place where everyone thought i’m displaced, like colonists, wait
now what they gossip, it’s whether or not i’ll get fame
no matter the weather, the knot is well laced
it isn’t staged, i’m a confident stage presence, i was blocked ’till i blocked it, unphased
huh… i got an ego and use it, it’s monthly, a dose
man, i’ll work harder and harder ’till i’m in the way to be one of the goats
if you disagree i’ll be close it’s obviously because you haven’t been reading my notes
i come from portugal, it isn’t spain but if you go that way, adiós, b+tch
you can compare me to anyone, i guarantee here that i do the most sh+t
you want a feature and mv, well, bro, i’m the sick p that k!lls at a co+vid
it’s hard not to see me and envy but then i realize that i really should own it
like in mtv and grammys, i give me like ten years to see them at home, sh+t

i got a godly complex so i’m at odds with my mortality
i got a honest voice so i keep trusting my morality
my sk!lls grew with time, every bit i got i amassed a piece
now i’m so good i only publish if that sh+t a masterpiece
i feel pride but brain keeps making sure the feeling’s earned
i keep thinking “not enough” so when i feel it, it’s deserved (it’s deserved!)

[outro + kate]

okay, i get it
hey, you can’t hide your pain forever
trust me, i know

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