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two finger louie – ten years old lyrics


yo, check it
it’s ya boy fresh-o, listen
i got something for all you muhf-ckers on this beat, listen\
check it

[verse 1]
aye listen, i was ten years old
it was night f-ckin’ time
my mom came in
and she beat my f-ckin’ -ss
she said
“look dawg, i’m tired of you f-ckin’ rapping”
i said
“look mom, i’m just trappin’ on these clappin'”
don’t be sappin’ on my sh-t mom, honestly
you’re a hater
she said
“listen little f-cker you’re built like an alligator
i said
“b-tch, get outta my city dawg”
she said
“my name’s f-ckin’ tizzly
i’m built for the grizzlys”
i was like d-mn bro
can’t argue with that sh-t
now look at me
a white motherf-cker rappin’
in this back sh-t, dawg
like look listen
can’t get more gangster
than me like that, dawg, honestly
the only way i like my f-ckin’ tiki
right here in the beeby

yo, check it
verse 2
fosho, here it is

[verse 2]
sittin’ at crib one night
and daddy came home
he had this wooden spoon
(you keep walkin’ forward, goddammit
we’ve gotta get a full body pic)
at his kitchen front do’
and he opened up the door and said
“hey, motherf-cker i heard what happened
now you’re gettin’ your -ss whooped by a savage”
i said
-autistic mumbling-
he said
“what son, what the f-ck did you say to me?”
gave me a nice slap
i sent him back to bookaleen
i called my girlfriend up and said
“yo listen, this is what happened
my motherf-ckin’ dad just beat my
f-cking -ss with a backhand”
and she was like
“oh my god baby, i’m so sorry about what happened”
and then i said
“yo just give me some p-ssy and it’ll be a-clappin'”

-heavy breathing-

yo, better than 2pac in this sh-t dawg, honestly
who’s 2pac?
i don’t know
it’s ya boy fresh-o, check it out