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tyga – freestyle w/ the l.a. leakers – freestyle #051 lyrics


pay me on the first, n-gg-s know i broke the curse
how it feel when the rolls is reversed? n-gg- got it out the dirt
bad b-tches ’round, i’ma flirt and i’m goin’ for my eighth like cur
do you concur? catch me if you can lil purp
i go kyrie curry on the verse, ball like a nerf
meet me on the turf, i don’t mean for real, group of these n-gg-s nerd
full of that sizzurp, you will get serve
my n-gg-s make you hide your face like h.e.r
and i like her, t-tties are first
big green phantom got ’em hooked, lary bird
give ’em the bird, f-ck what you heard, i’m the best rapper-er
n-gg-s call me tiger, that’s whiter than a ice berg
i’m nicer than your favorite rapper on perks
i might curve if she don’t got good slurp
be nicer, put you on a rip shirt
yes-er, ridin’ in a two-seat seater
i love ho but i still gotta bang, eat her
believe it or not, came back from the sunken, now i’m cream of the crop
i need cash on spot, i don’t want the deposit
i got dms from every ig thot
but i’m locked in, studio 24-7
i just popped in, f-ckin’ with the n-gg-s, when i leave, its gon’ rek!ll
i’ma wait at your house, my girl’s top tier
if we talkin’ overall, i’m top ten
flows, car, b-tches, ice
king in dubai like f-ck the price
lookin’ at yours, i’m like “f-ck my life”
lookin’ at yours, i’m like “you’re right”
i might go psych, go might (might, might might)
it’s redrum, i’m psych (psych, psych, psych)
b-tch, i’m always right
everybody wanna be like mike
big bank take lil’ bank
ayy, f-ck around, i need another bank
ayy, thirteen hundred stars in the wraith
woo, and i’m on that forty-two man
yeah, big bank take lil’ bank
uh, this my sh-t when i’m in the wraith
and my maybach up to date