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tyné angela – helium lyrics


[verse 1]
love is just
love is just another game
another game we play, to p-ss the day
at least that’s what they say
but if i could i would
i’d go out of my way
deflate these misinterpretations
these conflations
change the connotation

i try to rectify these lies
but i first need to rectify my pride
cause who am i, who am i

i just say
ladada dadada (4x)

when i’m with you
it’s just like helium
(all my words just float away)
when i’m with you
it’s just like helium
(what can i say, what can i say)

love is more
love is more than i can say
i try to find a way, articulate
these contemplations these sensations



these temporary lives we lead
suspended in eternity
i wonder what it really means
please tell me what it really means, oh
i’ve tried my hand at stopping time
now i’m just content to fly with you
alive, i come alive with you, i do


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