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tyrants in therapy – my masculinity lyrics


i was a walking alone down a lonely dark street
i see 3 guys comin’ at me you, know what i mean?
they were checking me out for some possible cruising
do i get paralyzed or do i just flat out abuse them?
using my masculinity…

my only protection was the smile on my face
i said “bow down your heads boys and gimme some face.”
to my surprise they comply, i p-ss unmolested
it just goes to show ya don’t need no dress when you got
my masculinity…my masculinity…

they say it takes strength, they say it takes muscle
they say it takes b-lls…but don’t fall for that hustle
if i bend my gender are they down for the style?
why don’t ya open up your mouth and give us a smile
and have a taste of
my masculinity

well take a good look, this ain’t no mask i’m wearin’
and don’t freak out just cuz i caught you starin’
if you think it’s cute or some freak show trick
i’m here to tell ya you don’t need no d-ck to have…
my masculinity

the only thing different between butch and b-tch
is u and i, so who’s gonna pull the switch”
if you’re expecting a tease or a flirt
we’re gonna play some hardball babe and you might get hurt

we can do anything except maybe grow a beard
and we’ll see about that after a couple of beers
take a little trip down to your local club
and if you get real lucky you can rub up against
my masculinity….i’m talking my masculinity…