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tzu the master – infinity lyrics


“we’re the middle children of history, man
no purpose or place
we have no great war
no great depression
our great war’s a spiritual war…
our great depression is our lives.”

infinity moves steadily
with a mindless click
we wait patiently to stand still

heavily influenced me
to make casualties
with the time i be

enter the dragon
vocabulary packing a lot of the baggage
so i hope you can manage
i can’t escaped from my diary
saying time understands me
even more than my family

my mind outspoken
my blind eye open
the worlds mine for coping
thats why i can’t lie to me

and i finally
built a dynasty
of my entire me

because when i flow like this
throw the words like spit
wrote a rolling spliff, so you can burn to this uh

divorce science from the spectacle
sk!lls over money
made my game respectable

and no one friar
comes higher than messiah
clip the liar
while you k!ll his desires

whack rappers prostitute themselves
busy saluting the wealth and not seeing themselves

blind egotism

i don’t need a beat to rap this shit nig–

joined to perfect it
grabbing the mic
so that i can make it

it hard to find direction
with a mind looking for perfection
it’s your decision for your decisions
protect yourself from these satans
so your life ain’t misshapen

picked up where i left off
repping life till i’m gone
and yes i do have flaws
written in my tracks cause
you’d still judge me when i’m not wrong
stay with your strong bongs
and you say its a trade to your lost soul

its time to make a change within
our people all are procrastinating
believing trees the seed to our current needs
and plead the greed to stop their deeds

but we do nothing, hoping it functions
hit weed ’til we malfunction, blind to the scene
but say -ssumptions, we k!ll our breed being inaction

we are witnesses nigga

of our own chaos
blame generations who made us
now it’s easier said than completed
stuck in the world‎
only i’ve created

earth’s the ultimate battlefield
devils and angel’s go at it
’til there’s none to feel
but then they
work to steal and hurt to k!ll

damages the only
rights we built
and ties we sealed

and when we die
your past actions
determine your wild p-ssion
to enter the right factions
in the correct sequence
we byp-ss them with reasons
we can’t fathom

our existence is a symphony of epiphanies
and above and beyond our experiences are mysteries