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tanuki – free samples lyrics

[sample intro]

[verse 1]
i chose this sample because i am lurking in the shadows of
midnight, pondering the gist of the fistfight
big wigs just handing out platters of
beef, cause it’s all in the meat of the insight
so as i wonder this, i wander through the
isles of mist with two broken headlights
these hills ain’t been silent for a minute
so might as well hand out samples of my hindsight
as a child wasn’t too pugnacious
but now he switching faces if you curse his favorite phrases
a bold insaneness snowb-lls to h-ll
cause he acting like his chances to erupt are well
he’s too guarded for someone who’s not starving
and hardly a part of a large target
cause he refuses to sell, that’s why he samples
cause to reinvent the wheel you need acute new angles
used to believe in angels but faith fades away
when you lose loved ones in a means to a
payment, keeping terror in arrangement
building walls cause the human heart is dangerous
i know what f-cking war is good for
filling the dark cross st-tched heart of legislation
and our nation got five fingers on the iron ore
and the oil and the fear of other middle country lore
and what’s more is the dynasty of vacuum-powered stores
where the plutocrats absorbing all the porridge of yore
is nothing but your fault, the man in the door
and the face in the mirror that’s feeding them more
sick of the beef and the violence of war
mandating samples of freedom and gore
still hating where i am, laying on the floor, and
if it’s to go, then, i want more
[sample interlude]

[verse 2]
i imagine it’s vile to hang low
my dream is to be controversial like django
ain’t close to the west coast but i wanna
make pesos in the shade of the greats, though
i hate snow, it reminds me of home, and the
heart of the game that i try to console
with the cpr on these beating scars
i treat these bars like a verse off control
my world has been spinning for like 6 whole months
5 different doctors and not d-mn once have they
had any d-mn idea why i’m dizzy
my hearing getting worse and i can’t stay busy
can’t hear the music like i ever could before
it all runs together can’t pick apart the score
and when music is the only solace i have in life
it’s hard to get up knowing it won’t be aight
but i still f-cking write even if i can’t hear cause i
still d-mn feel and have fears of the hype, and it’s
here that i might just tear every kite
i won’t f-cking let anybody get higher than i am
i’ll let my homies rap if i can’t
if the surgery goes wrong, i just can’t stand
worrying and being weighted down by my future
i’m trying to finish college but i’m scared of getting tutors
my weaknesses are teeming through the cracks in my ear drums
here come excuses and reasons that i feel numb
i pr-ck my thumbs to remember that i am alive
when the pain fades i throw away that hindsight
i just sample the world as i write rhymes
let anxiety dissipate by halftime
cause i could have been a king in a past life
scars on the page in the dim light of midnight

[sample outro]

- tanuki lyrics

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