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tanya manibusan – tanya singing to jeromy lyrics


meme, and joey, meme, and joey (yeaa)
now i know this may sound a little
crazy, but everybody knows
what happened to jeromy newby
he’s on life-support and he ain’t
doing good
homeboy supposed to be here with us
smoking in the hood.
‘cuz i remember all the times
we shared and; and i remember kicking back
everywhere, having a bad -ss time.
now that this has happened we’re
hurting inside.
we’re shouting ‘meme (we miss you)
and joey (we forgive you)
meme (we miss you) and joey (we forgive you)
lord hear my prayers &; make everybody
see, that joey didn’t mean to this
to jeromy.
he does have a heart.
and i know
that the situation he’s going trough
is harder then you know.
now homeboy is praying
and he’s down so i know that he’s saying ‘lord please forgive me for
hurting everybody, yea.
it wasn’t my attention to do what
i did. to all of my friends i
love them’
my homies are shoutin
meme (we miss you)
joey (we forgive you)

- tanya manibusan lyrics

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