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ten – gunrunning lyrics


i wanna dance in the dark someday
touching the lace on your skin
holding you close as my hands start to wander
perfect in your lingerie, immersed as we begin

i’m gonna dance with you come what may
slaves to a p-ssionate kiss
you’ll bring the lightning and i’ll bring the thunder
you and i were born just like a storm from the abyss

so you scream from the inside
as you breathe it sustains
ecstasy, pleasure entwined with pain

this fantasy turned physical
and now the need is so bad (now the need is so bad)
p-ssion on fire hits the high ground running
we’re cyclones reaching critical
our destiny is storm clad (destiny is storm clad)
we’re on a high wire with a world war coming
but never ceasefire when desire’s gunrunning

i wanna speak from the heart someday
words of a love deep within
“touch” is the cage of this spell that i’m under
“l-st” the heavy chain to such a strange hypothesis

i’m gonna capture you come what may
peace in our time can’t exist
s-x is your weapon that tears me asunder
making me the force that you are powerless to resist

so you scream…

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