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terminal bliss – faith lyrics

truth like poison
lies like wine
goes down easy
most of the time
words are weapons
violent is life
so easy to believe
when you’re holding the knife
hate so perfect
this broken vow
i should have learned
my lesson by now
blind like adam
hungry like eve
the serpent is calling
i want to believe
you are the cross i choose to bear

you are the crown of th-rns i wear
you nail me up and leave me hanging here
you whisper sweet lies in my ear
i die of thirst in the endless sea
you swear you’ll make it up to me
and i almost believe you
i almost believe you
like the morning after
like the unspoken fear
it’s the distance between
even when you’re here
best of intentions
or so you say
no wonder it’s always
been this way
blind like faith
these moments of doubt
opened my eyes
now i’m living without

- terminal bliss lyrics

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