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terminal bliss – forget lyrics

there was a time when you were starry eyed
and the whole world lay naked at your feet
but now the sun has grown cold as your eyes my darling
and you cursed the stars that we should ever meet
…and you’d just rather forget
i remember when we laughed all night
and we danced like fools in the rain
holding hands, exchanging whispers
touches spoke of the sacred and profane
…and you’d just rather forget

so tell me is it better with no one around
has the silence caused your nightmares to cease?
i would stand at your door
stop this deafening roar
cut my tongue from my mouth
if it gave you but a moment of peace
…and you’d just rather forget
why even try at all?
like a gerbil on a wheel
like a court ordered appeal
i’ve been running
running in circles

- terminal bliss lyrics

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