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terminal bliss – nothing lyrics

i was up last night thinking
about what i had to say
and now ill try to tell you
i hope the words don’t get in the way
i don’t believe in destiny
or a guiding hand of fate
i don’t believe that good things come
to all of those who wait
i don’t believe in heaven
i don’t believe in h-ll
i don’t believe we have a soul
that we can sell
in case you were wondering
in case you haven’t heard
i think that faith is
just a matter of words
i don’t believe in love
it’s just something that we do
i hope i haven’t spoiled
this magic moment for you
i don’t believe in life after death
i think we rot away
but who really wants to live
forever anyway?

taking away my everything
’til all i have is nothing
i’ve done my soul searching
i’ve read the ‘holy’ book
and what happiness i couldn’t buy
i took
i’ve tried so hard
i did all that i could do
i held on to what i had
’til nothings left to hold on to
i’ve searched the heavens
for some kind of sign
just looking for
some peace of mind
i don’t believe the meek
will inherit the earth
i don’t believe in much
for what its worth
i don’t believe in answers
to all of your prayers
i don’t believe
in a god who cares
all i know
is all i see
this nothing that we have
means everything to me

- terminal bliss lyrics

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