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terminal bliss – someone to blame lyrics

if theres a picture worth a thousand words
than it must be of you
if you say this is how it has to be
than it must be true
if i could do it all yesterday
would i still be too late?
if i could read into the future
would this still have been my fate?
you never understood
it always did more harm than good
even though i’m wrong
you’re the one i blame
take away my guilt

take away my shame
after all i’ve done
you’re still the one i blame
everyone needs someone
someone to blame
there’s a distant look youre giving me
the writings on the wall
it’s funny how i used to think your sighs
meant nothing at all
my lips try to mouth the words
that never come out right
i’m sure i’ll find them somehow, somewhere
on another broken night
i know you’ve heard it all before
please let me say it just once more

- terminal bliss lyrics

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