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the cool kids – flossin’ lyrics

flossin (because! floss so hard) [repeat]

what up autobot young josh holla top b-mp with the flow n-gg- we top dolla top feelin the kids top celling the rhymes similar to sittin with a rock. wiler yo and. if you ain’t know. then! suggest you go and. listen to the. he say she. say but! don’t really. care what. he say cause she. say when we play it make her dip low like the. dj different level of coolness then most kydz no. jewels on my wrist fools and. pools necklaces all! need is. a lil bit of gold 14 carrot if you get it. for the. low i’m a jiga-lo with a 3o inch finger roll link on think. on it. i’m honest me. no. lie and. if she. know. fly she’ll keep lookin at. me. with the. eagle eye cause i’m

flossin(because! floss so hard)
and. i’m flossin
cause we(floss so hard)
and. i’m flossin

never mind who we is. picked upp were we left. c-o-o-l-k-i-d-s and. it. seems if we new on the. block three houses upp let’s check on the. mail box what cops, the. neighbors kick rocks he’s fred i’m barney welcome to bedrock… rock. rock. yep rock. then! getz to rollin did you get that memo bout that flyer that we posted sh-t. it’s a party. that i’m throwin everyones! nvited just go the. trap do’ cause at. midnight we toasted to letting these suckas knowin. showin off the. new campaign slogans homie. headed to the. voted pools for the. votin on my momz dudes caught the. first thing smokin start my mission leave my residents! nominate these to djs for presidents

flossin (because! floss so hard)
and. i’m flossin
cause we (floss so hard)
and. i’m flossin

- the cool kids lyrics

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