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the experience – poetic truth lyrics

[verse 1: the experience]
i see beyond the walls
i feel beyond the skin
they tried to trick my mind
but now i’m gone just like the wind
speaking depth deeper than the rabbit hole
they hide the truth in
flowing deep i’m flowing deep
as all these words just flow in me
turning nerds to poetry you know its me
im present in my truest form
this pressure putting problems on my penmanship
but you’ve been warned
im done tolerating these tricky thoughts
im done treading through these territories
of sickly crops
deprived from truth someone hand me some water
to bring alive the youth
one of the rarest mc’s that doesn’t hide in booths
i stand beside my people black blue or white
we stand aside as equals
fighting for the same dreams of our fallen greats
peace throughout the lands is destine
were just waiting for it to fall in place

[verse 2: the experience]
turn my music up tune your problems down
drifting deep in truth soon you’ll blossom crowns
see the kings and queens in all of us
the things i bring seem so marvelous
it seems these feens want to target us
but this artist must harness just
enough minds in such time
open them quick before i’m buried with a tough lie
thats how the story goes and story ends
death ny truth buried by lies were branded quarry men what a glory trend
but i’m willing to die for the truth
so when i’m in the booth i am guiding the youth
my flows are shocking i’m poseidon with zeus
found the tree of knowledge but i’m never hiding the fruit

- the experience lyrics

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