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the romantics – test of time lyrics

you’re the one
now i know it
in time i’m going to show you
day by day
i pick myself up
all alone and waiting for you
take my key
set your heart free
i’ve got the love that’s so true

test of time
you’re just a test of time
i can stand the test of time
test of time
i’ll make belive that your mine
and it’s just a test of time

when you’re around
i can’t deny it
i always want you by me
it might be lone
i don’t mind
come to me when you’re ready

[repeat chorus]

side by side
is how we could be
and i’m here antic-p-ting
what can i do
you’re just my kind
with me no chance you’re taking
i do the time
do it alone
change your heart and i will be waiting

[repeat chorus] x2

i don’t mind
yes it’s true this heart will keep waiting
now i know it
say it over and over
just a test of time

- the romantics lyrics

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