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thirstin howl iii – john they’re stealing part 2 lyrics


[thirstin howl]
if it ain’t…..tied down, it’s…..mine now
keep it glued, i’ll steal the ice out your freezer and leave the food
take the remote control…..and not the tv
even pick pocket homeless people on a train while they sleeping

“john they’re stealing!”

[rack lo]
symbols that resemble a cases hoody
i fill my lengthy bag to the top with cds in sam goody
at king’s plaza…..oxygen pumps for the asthma
on a paper chase…..
go to rickle’s and steal orange box cutters and cans of mase

“john they’re stealing!”

[thirstin howl iii]
antennas and cable boxes
and everybody’s sneakers that came through spofit
we this different
in ’98 i’m still sticking up n-gg-s for gazelles and sheepskin mittens

“john they’re stealing!”

[rack lo]
folding, cookie raincoats, polo horses
i stole a receptionist’s pen, when i signed up, for boost incourses
12 semesters of intense, concentration
over the internet, i hacked in, top secret information

“john they’re stealing!”
“john they’re stealing!”

[thirstin howl]
f-ck, video surveilance, it’s critical
don’t think i don’t know you on the other side of the mirror,
in the fitting room
i carry a clean shave if you feel you need your whiskers groomed
give you a scare that will be from about 3 blocks visible

“john they’re stealing!”

[rack lo]
with no sympathy or regrets
you can’t stop the b-mrush, cadets in official star of vets
in a sports authority, i took gortex, for rainy days
for guchi mansion, took my pictures like x-rays

“john they’re stealing!”

[thirstin howl]
sn-tching, wallets, in attaches
habit of collecting lighters…..and cracked ash trays
and napkin holders from cafes
silverware when it’s rusty
you’re stupid enough to trust me

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