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thouxanbanfauni – el chapo freestyle lyrics

[intro: fauni]
-big head on the beat-
figueroa, thouxanban capsules
thouxanban taliban’ sh-t

[verse 1: fauni]
ima need two mistress to get this cup clean
i was pourin’ up that purple, now that purple all i bleed
i was pourin’ up that purple, now all i bleed is lean
i was pourin’ up that purple, martin luther had a dream
aye, two visions, codiene
bad hoe, and two twins in-between
aye they let me get between, they don’t come between
and that cash don’t come between me, my gang, and our dreams
bad bit, yellow bone fleak
gotta lil’ hoe on her knees
any n-gg- run up on me
best believe he get six feet
any n-gg- try to f-ckin’ creep
best believe i get that n-gg- knee
scope wit’ the beam
keep it in my jeans, these designer jeans

[verse 2: duke]
made n-gg-, i get paid n-gg-, i done bossed up
i got that k and i’m ready to spray, we do walk ups
we sippin’ lean we don’t drink no green, n-gg- boss up
got yo’ main thing givin’ brain, in the back gettin’ tossed up
ran up that check and i got me some money
you little n-gg- they broke and they funny
[?] and dexter they know that we coming
no dj drama, but ready for drama
i’m tryna build a big house for my mama
ball, ball, ball, ball, ball
ball like a number one star
you chasin’ we comin’
we tryna f-ck up the summer

[verse 3: dex]
godd-mn i just bought a new glock
me and fauni, duke, yeah we ridin’ down the block
gettin’ money swear to god it never stop
and all these b-tches see me swear to god they heart stop
and put this sh-t up on they nose
all these b-tches yeah they go
i had to pour me up a four
everybody watchin’ me like a show
you run up on me ima shoot
your jewelry so fake its so fu’
uh who the f-ck just met this dude
a hunnid’ thousand on some shoes
ah woah, ah yeah
f-ck ya lil’ b-tch swear to god she just stare
ah woah, ah yeah
f-ck ya lil’ b-tch swear to god pull her hair
ah woah, ah yeah, dexter runnin’ for a mayor
yeah, red all up on my hair

[outro: dex]
me and fauni went crazy
me and fauni went crazy, yeah
got duke wit’ me sippin’ lean and we lazy
all these stupid b-tches wanna have my f-ckin’ baby, woah

- thouxanbanfauni lyrics

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