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tiger lillies – send in the clowns lyrics

isn’t it rich, aren’t we a pair
me here at last in the ground, and you in mid-air
send in the clowns

isn’t it bliss, don’t you approve
one who keeps tearing around, and one who can’t move
well where are the clowns
send in the clowns

just when i stopped opening doors,
finally knowing, the one that i wanted was yours

don’t you like farce, my fault i fear
i thought that you wanted what i wanted, sorry my dear
but where are the clowns
quick, send in the clowns

making my entrance with unusual flair,
sure of my lines but no one is there

isn’t it rich, isn’t it queer,
losing my timing this late in my career
and where are the clowns
there ought to be clowns
well maybe next year

- tiger lillies lyrics

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