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til von dombois – delegator lyrics

i hear your words when you say
everything is in order
you don’t believe in me
but you let me do my thing
i started wondering
why i don’t get anything done
and it’s because of your doubts
that you never say out loud

stop being my delegator
yeah i know you have born me
yeah i know we’re connected
but you
i don’t need an elevator
driving me down
driving me down down down

i heard a good friend say
that i must make peace with you
if i could only find a backdoor
to your support
there is more behind the curtain
and it really bothers me
even if we never work it out
i will make my way and break free

stop being my delegator…

guilt and sacrifice, life drafts
expectations, “only the best”
failure fears, deep attachments
you’re delegating problems
you’re delegating problems

stop being my delegator…

til dedicated the lyrics of the song to his students at music college hannover.

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