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tommy page – you’re the best thing (that ever happened… lyrics


i never thought i’d ever need someone
as much as i need you
you brighten my day in every way, you make
my life feel so brand new
and every time i think about the way
you make me feel inside
i get a great feeling, the kinda great feeling
you get when you’re full of pride
and it all happened at one moment in time
when i realized the greatest gift was mine and
you, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me
it’s definitely you
i want you to forever stay with me, don’t go away
you’ve made it real easy to see that
you’re the best thing that ever happened to me
in my life there are many things that
bring me up and bring me down
and if i looked all over the world
i don’t think i could ever have found
someone who makes my life worth living
makes the rainy day seem bright
this is the strongest feeling i’ve felt
’cause in my heart, i know it is right
and if you ever left me now
don’t know how i’d go on
i’d do anything that i can somehow
to keep this going on strong

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