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tommy wright iii – creepin’ while ya sleepin’ lyrics

in progress…

[verse 1: mac t-dog]
jumpin’ in the chevy while i’m strapped (?) with that (?) thing
b-mpin’ bobby womack when i cruise up (?) green
smokin on that dank, i’m high as h-ll with my hand up on the trigger
thinkin’ in my mind, sippin on gin: it’s time to rob a n-gg-
haters scopin’ out these n-gg-s with the fat bank
seen two white boys crackers mane
chrome to yo dome john, 4 corners bound clown
5-0 on my -ss, i jumped that gate and went to tommy crib
huffin’ and puffin’ d-mn ears
lay low to my sh-t f-ckin’ streets
right back on this thing and stroll, hit ’em up with that (?)
n-gg-s in motherf-ckin’ tryin’ to my -ss
why you tryin’ to splurge ya b-tch? lay yo -ss down in the gr-ss
hoe if you try to run best believe i pull on the trigger
lay yo -ss on the ground, b-tch it’s time to rob n-gg-

[hook/samples] 2x
it’s time to rob n-gg-! it’s time to rob n-gg-!
everybody gets laid down
[verse 2: mac t-dog]
(?) hand the .38 in my hand, stangin’ a trick
smith & wesson to yo dome, drop it off yo -ss b-tch
m.a.c t-d.o.g stay (?) with that pistol though
i’m finna rob a sissy n-gg- hoe
makin’ cheese on these motherf-ckin’ hoes left and right
ride in the drop top, 5-0 trick it’s on when they hit me mane
smokin’ on a skunk with my trunk rattlin’ from my b-mp
mac t-dog, murder in the first degree, got a n-gg- buck jumpin’
hoe i’m constantly robbin’ and my pockets steady get bigger
p-ss me the f-ckin’ glock, b-tch it’s time to rob n-gg-
[hook/samples] 2x
it’s time to rob n-gg-! it’s time to rob n-gg-!
everybody gets laid down
[verse 3: mac t-dog]
a clip to the (?) chrome, n-gg- don’t step wrong
if you do i just might click and blow a hole in yo f-ckin’ dome
boom boom boom to the dome, laid dead b-tch
gangsta tight on a f-ckin’ strike, mac t finna fool click
tommy wright on the creep with that buckin’ sawed-off
do a f-ckin’ homicide and we gettin’ up caught and ball off
pick up jay with … thing so we gettin’ strapped
.38, nine glock, .45, the yawk cap
ridin’ around the m-town, smokin’ n-gg-s with that fat bank
seen a trick d-izz-o this sh-t, just get a f-ckin’ (?) gang
see a b-tch, we (?) ’em down, make … trick
pimpin’ n-gg-s from 4 corners, now you know we gots to click
(?) home, macklemore, (?), p.v
the garden down with this f-ckin’ underground pimpin’ frown
stayin’ down but a real n-gg- be hangin’ with a trigger
f-ckin’ sh-t, let’s (?) my n-gg-, b-tch it’s time to rob n-gg-
everybody gets laid down
it’s time to rob n-gg-! it’s time to rob n-gg-!
everybody gets laid down
[verse 4: tommy wright iii]
i’m high as h-ll, can’t you tell mane, i’m on cloud nine
vamp to the crib, grab a rib cause it’s robbing time
up, oh it’s twelve o’ clock on the dot, time to scram
hit a trick for his sh-t, a gucci (?) or some yams
vampin’ from the scenery, gots to make to get away clean
ain’t time for sellin’ dope, cause i’m too busy doin’ stangs
always creepin’, never sleepin’, gimme yo money and don’t say nothing
blow his brain on the sidewalk cause that n-gg- taught i was bluffin’
made a dash, quick and fast, meanwhile; gimme yo cash
if you don’t dash yo -ss, on yo -ss i’m gon’ blast
put you in the med with a bullet hole in yo spine
with my n-gg- t-dog grippin’ that engine, engine number nine
chillin’ on the corner with my n-gg-s while we plan it
like super man i jump in the sky, watch me turn into captain bandit
bandit clown on the punk, time to stomp on the hoe
leavin’ n-gg-s in my trunk … did (?)

- tommy wright iii lyrics

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