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tory lanez – jalissa’s friends pt.2 (skit) lyrics


jalissa: yeah, this n-gg-. hold on, i’m ’bout to call her right now because this n-gg- is dead dirty. h-llo?
jalissa’s friend: jalissa
jalissa: huh?
jalissa’s friend: jalissa, girl, get up
jalissa: i’m up
jalissa’s friend: no, for real, get up. i got some real tea for you
jalissa: okay, i’m up. what happened?
jalissa’s friend: you is not gonna believe what i just heard
jalissa: what you heard, bro?
jalissa’s friend: this n-gg-, tory
jalissa: “this n-gg- tory” what?
jalissa’s friend: this n-gg- tory is f–kin’ with your best friend
jalissa: girl, who’s my best friend?
jalissa’s friend: girl, you know who your best friend is, keisha
jalissa: no
jalissa’s friend: yes, he is. how you gonna tell me my n-gg-, i just got off the
jalissa: how you gonna tell me?
jalissa’s friend: whatever. i’m, i’m tryna put you on
jalissa: alright, so what you heard?
jalissa’s friend: i was just speakin’ to towanda and she told me that
jalissa: what?
jalissa’s friend: she seen them
jalissa: seen them where?
jalissa’s friend: my n-gg-, my n-gg-, at the end of the day it is what it is like. she’s f–kin’ with this n-gg-, you need to check her
jalissa: wait, keisha’s downstairs right now
jalissa’s friend: my n-gg-, what?
jalissa: if she’s f–kin’ with this n-gg-, i’m gonna find out right now
jalissa’s friend: facts
jalissa: and we gonna f–k all that sh-t up right now
jalissa’s friend: facts
jalissa: facts
jalissa’s friend: facts
jalissa: yeah, facts
jalissa’s friend: it’s over, facts

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