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travis scott – green and purple lyrics


what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what

[verse 1: travis scott]
lil’ mama she loyal, lil mama a star
lil’ mama, she give no f–ks
bite, this a stain
she a psychic, she exciting (alright)
high bike it, appet-te it
hepat-tis, help her ride this
help her leave, help her psychic
help her drown it, help her write it
help her deep, couple g’s, couple keys
100 g’s, i got her on smash
she let it go fast, don’t know what to do with all this cash, yeah

[chorus: travis scott]
green & purple, got me going in circles
yeah it’s after curfew, she just left the work, hm (straight up!)
yeah it’s controversial, how we make the world move
yeah you said i heard you, don’t think i overheard you
don’t think i overheard, don’t think i overheard

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