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treat – i don’t miss the misery lyrics


i was a man with a mission
when i got lost in sp-ce
saw the seeds of creation
blowin’up in my face, yeah!

now i’m movin on – ch-ch-changes
turning pages – all the damage’s done

i don’t miss the wolf’s cry
in the dead of night,

the dark side of shining bright,
heartbreaks from running wild and crazy
i don’t miss the misery

deep down there’s no stone unturned
some fools just never learn
won’t hold on ’til i crash and burn, baby
i don’t miss the misery

can i take a rejection
some gravel skating the ice yeah!
i guess love and affection
always comes with a price

and i know it’s a habit
gotta break it – sing another song

i don’t miss the wolfs cry…

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