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ubi – orphan lyrics


i pirouette with prose
my shot spam and knots [?]
landing near your neck and nose [?]
check my iridescent glow
i can’t let the bullsh+t
i been near affect my goals
keep my ears impeccable
we don’t hear your decibels


would you rather lead with either fear, respect, or both?
appear professional to peers
steer collective growth
the blunt begets the beer
the second beer begets the bowl
dull senses intеrject the fear
thе fear affects your soul

my mind has been degraded
if you ain’t sayin’ sh+t, then your silence is a statement
think you heard me wrong, right
you might have been mistaken
look inside your eyes and your iris’ is vacant
but you hiding in your bas+m+nt
ride along with me
got people ’round me dying off
privately we grieve
hurricane ida change
climates and degrees
navigate society through virus and disease
we spiral and we weave

economy collapse
now we’re fighting over cheese like
pirates in the seas
take half and half, split it twice
dice it into three
now that may sound insane
but that’s precisely what i mean
grab[bed?] the rifle, then he squeezed, ahh!


talk is cheap, i keep diesel in the tank
so how the f+ck you talk about your freedom is at stake
with your hedonistic ways?
make a realistic case
don’t argue with a fool
you’ll never beat him in debate
you can’t reason with a snake (snake [fake?])
validates your view
if you don’t like the way it’s made
don’t dabble in the glue [???]
got people treating covid
like they battling the flu
don’t be surprised they knock you out your saddle and your shoes
unraveling the truth

my boundaries are set
pounding on my chest
but i ain’t out to be the best
tiptoeing through the game
taking ballerina steps
pandemic sat me down
and allowed me to reflect
like, how could we forget?

(orphan, orphan)
home is where the heart is
in my heart, the hope was lost