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uglyface - slow it down pt.2 lyrics


girl you a whole lotta pressure
rock open b+ttons on dress shirts
stop asking me what you ain’t ready for
cuz i got the dough and the best huh
cus i don’t tell lies from fear
open your eyes and ears
you know i been waiting
for notification
euro stars and piers
watching the waves
stars and kids
cuz you know i get what i need though
everything else is finito
attitude foul for the a free throw
from a city full of p stones
she traveled around
let’s go a few rounds
pelican socks on my two feet
i’m luring on hills no fugees
ass on her hips cost a few g’s
from a couple of chores
don’t call em wh0res
we all gotta past full of loose change
that’s a couch full of g strings
no i don’t eat meat so don’t ask where the burgers at
i been determined that
they leaving with me
the money is how i determine that
you know how i murder tracks
same way i murder rack
chilling with me
that’s like a murder hack
said i should slow it down
i’m living too fast
but b+tch ain’t heard of that
telling me bout my mistakes
she think i’m running away
don’t know i’m counting the days
for us to lay up on a sat+rday
can’t flatter yo attitude
i been put the mad away
scream if you have to
but please tell me you miss me
daddy been gone since december
what he not know he a member
say that he love pretend huh
you need change he ain’t rich
ain’t got a chain he got a b+tch
all on the live telling a lie
pretentious selfish helpless
time gone but the welt sits
like when the belt hit
what the fail is
n+ggas is crazed
dogs chasin they tail
better complacent always adjacent
broken promises that’s ominous
know what time it is
how far mama get wit a new dad
throw a few frags
catch a high post
and a few brags
you smoking too fast
you need to be slowing it down
no playing around
no deceit if you leavin be telling me now

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