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$uicideboy$ – one last look at the damage lyrics


[intro: juicy j]
play me some of that suicide pimpin’, man

[verse 1: $crim]
it’s the most [?]
most hated, most haunted, buzzin’ past cops
slowly dyin’, but i’m flossin’, lookin’ good, ayy
boy bounce back from the dead, my business still shady
i still tip-toe on the ledge, that sh-t ain’t average [?] (scarecrow)
i take my chance, ridin’ dirty, while speedin’, lanes sw-ngin’
i f-ckin’ made it to thirty without my neck breakin’
my gun is holdin’ a .30 that got his legs shakin’
meanwhile his girl in the room with my picture, m-st-rbatin’
yeah, slowly crawlin’ at the dirt, ha, ha
when it come to death, i like to flirt, what, what?
my heels have eyes and a smirk, yeah, yeah
my ‘cuz got news then he got the [?], uh

[verse 2: ruby da cherry]
if i keep it up, all this dirty is gonna k!ll me before thirty
another day wasted, if i’m losin’, it’s still early
don’t you worry, i’m always in a hurry
so i copped a foreign coupe, slidin’ ’round town
’til i gotta pull up to the court at noon (objection)
snort another blue, now i’m feelin’ sorta blue
nothin’ new (nah), one of the chosen few
the rest of y’all, give him some room (yeah)
it’s messed up, y’all didn’t -ssume (yeah)
lady just asked if i am in the tomb (yeah)
unless he is ready to get in the tomb (yeah)
ruby such a bum but he make it look good
drunk in the front, yeah, that’s what’s under the hood
talkin’ all this sh-t, man, i wish i really would
another million plays, man, i wish i really could