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unbearable – you’re the only reason lyrics


[verse 1]
woke up, heart was out of place
ignore the smiles on your face
grab my stuff and go downstairs
why i’m sad, no one cares
walk through gr-ss thats filled with ticks
towards a school thats full of d-cks
running fast to get to cl-ss
trip and fall right on my -ss
bell start ringing and i see
the girl i like walks up to me
freaking out, my knees are week
she laughs and then calls me a geek
she walks away with some tool
it’s still the first day of school
i still want to be her guy
although i really don’t know why

i never thought i’d be this lonely
missing someone i can’t stand
i know it sounds corny
but you’re still part of my plan
i know you still hate me
and you’ll never date me
but i’ll talk to you whenever i can
i know you’ll never kiss me
probably don’t miss me
all i want to do is hold your hand

[verse 2]
bell rings and i walk straight home
i noticed no one called my phone
got a text out of the blue
i smiled cause it’s from you
then i sit and start to laugh
because i know i can’t text back
the reasons of this, as you see
the text wasn’t meant for me
probably meant for some chick
or some stupid, long-haired pr-ck
i b-tch you out and say the truth
i wish it was me with you
i frown when i get a reply
you say i’m not your type of guy
should i try to play it off?
i’d rather play some mini golf