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under the flood – dreamers lyrics



you held me up when i couldn’t stand.
you had my world in the palm of your hand.
‘cause you were a dreamer just like me.
and we’d see it all so clearly.
when we’d close our eyes.

and fade away, we’ll stay like this forever.
we’ll run away, just you and i together.
and the darkest days, we’ll survive.
and for the rest of our lives, we’ll always be dreamers.
forever, we’ll be dreamers.

you were always there when i needed a friend.
the worst of my days felt like they’d never end.
when i’d give it all just to be with you.
and we’d end up makin’ memories ’till we close our eyes.


because of you i’m not afraid to walk each day beneath the rain and take these chances, its not too late.
and i always knew you’d find a way to keep my head above the waves.
if it takes my strength, don’t let me slip away.