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unify collective – scriptures lyrics


[verse 1: peace manuel]
yo uh
this first amendment shit man

yo my statistics are ballistic i’m in it
when i’m optimistic i’m heavily demented
rap ain’t recommend
it’s underground forever
contribute your attribute after you set a high standard
let them motha fucka’s know it
let the people look at you like a saint like moses
coast to coast
ain’t matter let the beat splatter
all a rapper knows is how to make it’s pockets be fatter
after i slam your head in this desk i rip all the hair in your head and watch you bleed to death
with meth on the table
strap you to a chair and feed it to you until its fatal
and once again i smoke your ashes
put some in your wifes coffee and rip out your sons eyelashes
i’ve practiced it’s sick shit if you wanna step and test you might just get your throat slit
just because you’re bogus and hopeless i’ll hang you ropeless
if you wanna battle it’ll be an evil omen

[verse 2: thetic]
lets get it first amendment

open up your mind
see whats inside like its a present
actin’ like i’m from hell but i’m heaven sent keep myself content
raps man of steel call me clark kent
wanna talk shit?
i’ll lay your -ss on the cement
i see you haters like some fat titty cleavage
everyone asks
“whats the reason?”
and i say cause real emcee’s decreasing’
it’s hunting season pack a few rounds
k!llin’ off these clowns cause modern day rap same shit similar sounds
travel different towns
rock a few shows
that’s where i wanna go in life road but who really knows
always at home composing raw flows
you sit at home and pick your nose cause your life is at its froze
all the fakes its time to expose
now you disposed
live for you and quit trippin’ on these hoes
thats the life they chose i suppose
wonder when the sucka proposed
that life i oppose rap is the wife that i chose man
the weed and the beats they got me in doze
walking out the stu smellin’ like a dank rose
wanna make a gross
also known as loaves
that is bread
resign in the west coast one day to possibly spread
forget what they said i continued to rap
with no limits
livin’ in a shady town we love to call hemet where friends turn foe in a matter of minutes
so i say fuck that i’d rather hit a clinic
cause this life we living’ its honestly a gimmick
you got all the dimwits actin like olympics
time to silence all these no nothing critics and all these bunk b-tches that are no where near the definition of real women
they say keep on swimming boy i hope you drown
sucks claim to be kings but i just swooped your crown
you just got denounced with my verbs and my nouns
all real spittas please stand up take a bow
and all you phony spittas please sit ya -ss down