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unknown pxriah – feellikethis lyrics


[verse 1]
lemme f-ck around like this
lemme tell you real quick
lemme feel my sh-t
lemme think about sh-t
let you be a lil b-tch
even when i find it
finna see i’m it
and you ain’t sh-t

[verse 2]
you got 9 on me, no one here’s a real g
just a bunch of fake g’s
i know ima make it, and you gon want in
you say i’m a protege, and that ima be it
i remain lost
but it ain’t that hard
i could surp-ss this
and i could look past it
it’s just a crack in the road
and just a fight with the foe
i cannot pull no hoe
cause i am way to dull
i needa have confidence
i need to be selfish
you partly on this
you hardly on sh-t

you just a lil kid
a mind of an infant
i’m way too god at this
in school i wrote this
it feels like bullsh-t
when i am the sh-t
you’ll see it in a bit
and find it in a ditch

[verse 3 (outro)]
with all this rubbish
i come from low hits
you never think it
or even expect it