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urltv – goodz vs. geechi gotti lyrics


[round 1: geechi gotti]
for what? i shouldn’t even be explainin’ this

{geechi takes both of his champion of the year belts off and hands them to rum nitty}

i ain’t even have to brang the sh+t
mike tyson/roy jones…i ain’t gotta be the champ when i’m the main event
we got geechi gotti verse…n+gga you’se a b+tch!
i don’t wanna hear no “tookie”, “crip” or no “crab” sh+t
watch ya mouth or i’ma watch it for you on some math sh+t
and i don’t even f+ck wit’ bruh and i see why he don’t f+ck witchu n+ggas
heard behind the scenes y’all be askin’ url not to book him because he be punkin’ you n+ggas
what’s up witchu n+ggas?
i’ll catch you and clips
dome shot lеave y’all both with scars, now he a vegеtable
h+ll his family “sit calm” (sitcom), while he plugged up
cause the docs gon’ have to leave charles in charge