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uzher ki – nfb lyrics


[verse 1: onmna]
now imma switch to the other end of the spectrum
you don’t wanna hear. what i’ll put in your ear. cause it gets playful
don’t get me wrong, don’t feel talked to when you hear this song
if you do then i guess you should check your source, maybe even try to emote some more
and i didn’t come here to offend your soul
just inform the people of what comes along
if you know you have to deal with this kind of hoe
really gets you low, so you better roll, and go with the flow
lemme calm down now, so settle down. no need to start throwing down
no feed back b-tch, allow me to explain, be sure to write it down
she won’t say shit, but she wants attention
eyes cold as f-ck, but she won’t select you
wanna try? you’ll meet frustation
and don’t make it a public inmolation
cause she really gets off by watching you suffer
empty inside by the end of the summer
you just wasted your time, ain’t that a b-tch
you might commit a crime, so get that stitch
now you all alone, and no one bats an eye when you show your thong
and you even flap lips about changing the world
but for that, well i made a couple other songs
(will you hear them tho?)
so for now, don’t take this as agression (or affection)
just a lesson. don’t you dare think you are something special

[verse 2: onmna]
verse two, what? you really thought, we couldn’t pull out any normal songs?
not gonna sit here and write metaphors, for a b-tch who can’t get what a mic is for
and the light is on, and my shame is gone
but i’ll never hesitate to get my verbals on
so let’s divide, put the ugly on words and get out of my sight (or face my might)
nothing but an obstacle
in my optical
hate your guts for sure
but i never did
get to f-ck you though
what is that my boy?
wanna f-ck her boy?
so your b-lls hang low?
would it help you though?
don’t you dare hoe
he’s my boy you hoe
get away you hoe
get a face you hoe

but it’s too late. and guess what n-gg-
you just realized you’ve been wasting your time, player
shit i don’t know, just leave this hoe at the door
go back home, play some vidya, smoke a big fat joint

next time you open yourself date a woman not a girlie
those make you feel good and you can even f-ck them yearly
this is getting depressing, so let’s end it on an up note
at least now you know how to spot a no feedback b-tch though