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vampire rodents – exuviate lyrics


back again for another treat
ashes grow beneath our feet
war in zurich- chaos rules
dada steers the ship of fools
molten waves beneath the ocean
sinking vacuum corridor
damaged relay child emotion
uncertain what instinct is for
di decadimento decadimento
i break – i twist – i burn – i laugh
fire – the well is dry
air – the wolves are coming
fire- a fear of flowers
air – always blooming
property does not exist
a spider laugh
a broken fist
di decadimento decadimento
warm embrace from leather wings
cold nose smells your private things
i break – i twist – i burn – i laugh
concealed from the inner
the outer reversed
in the house of venus – mars is cursed
flesh and mortar
brickand bone
in babylon they’ll make their home
di decadimento decadimento
listen children and listen well or see the ice cream man in h-ll
treat the mice with great respect
you haven’t seen their cousins yet