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vanguard – scarlet lyrics


the warring world does not deserve
nor will it do ever more than serve
all the needs and all the wants of man
the addictive p-ssion of this throbbing land

the earth blushed deep magenta
and the stars pulsed rose light
crimson streaked the skies
and seas turned scarlet in delight

carmine bled the walls
inside this pregnant lunacy
bursting veins spill aubergine
and madmen scream obscenities

the strife inside won’t let me go
this conscious storm won’t let me know

cry for my armageddon
that bares now down upon
what you have now forgotten
will cleanse all begotten

i will never be the same
you will never touch me again

when you open your eyes
your lips begin to sing
you’re my forceful p-ssion
you’re my greatest sin