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varsity fanclub – future love lyrics


[verse 1]
a couple of years
and i’m gonna know your name
it’s like i waited for ya forever
and i know this might sound insane
but it wont be long
’til we’re gonna take this up
i’m talking about our future love

you’re so far away
maybe you’re right next door
got me picturing your face again
something worth waiting for
i put all the others behind me
they don’t live up
i know what i want
what i need to the t

baby if they asked me
i would say i don’t even know ur name
and if they asked me
does it change?
no, it don’t change a thing
cuz there’s something about the way you’ll love me
there’s just something about the way you’ll know me
that i cant explain enough
there’s just something about our
future love [3x]
there’s just something about our
future love [3x]

[verse 2]
walking hand in hand
going for a second date
i can picture what you’re wearing
and a kiss i can almost taste
the thought of all the ways we’ll meet for the very first time
i can see the place, feel the love..
first sight


oh no
the minute you pull up next to me
we standing there like destiny
when it feels like you’re fighting
just to breathe that’s when you know
the minute i pull up next to you
suddenly i don’t know what to do
everything inside you says that i’m the one